For more wine pleasure: Should red wines be chilled? Yes!

Gekühlte Rotwein und Naturwein

You probably still hear that red wines must be drunk at room temperature. This idea dates back to ancient times, when the room temperature was much lower than today, around 18 degrees. At today's average room temperature of 20 to 22 degrees, red wine would lose its harmonious taste.

Red wines need to be slightly chilled to taste more delicate.

When red wine is slightly chilled, the fruit flavours become more present and the acidity and tannins are better integrated and softer. Some red wines can be chilled a little more, some less. Most of the time, this simple rule works very well: the lighter a red wine is, the cooler it can be. Of course there are exceptions :)

Especially red natural wines taste particularly good when chilled, as they are often lighter and very lively. So if you don't live at 15 degrees room temperature, we recommend keeping your red wine slightly chilled.

Here you will find a selection of Light & Juicy red wines that are best drunk slightly chilled:

Rosé or red wine? Doesn't matter, best chilled! Lezèr by Foradori means light in the Trentino dialect and combines the best of both worlds: delicate red fruits with lively freshness and great drinking pleasure.

Like a tart of red fruits with lots of cherries. The Maskerade Rot from Gut Oggau is smooth, with a delicate fizz and lots of juice. Sounds wonderful, tastes like it too!

Fresh-juicy meets spicy-fruity: A light-footed Blaufränkisch from Thomas Straka with dark cherries and essential oils. Honest and pure!
Fresh, light and easy to drink. With a mouthwatering juiciness, Franz Weninger's "Bohnenzüchter" (Ponzichter) brings a fine spiciness and notes of sour cherry to the glass. Perfect everyday wine.
RnB will make you move, with some rhythm and a little blues. With the R&B from the Pitti's you get pure fruit fun, best to chill the second one right away!

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