For more wine enjoyment: Aerate!

During this process, the wine is brought into contact with oxygen. This allows the wine to open up, develop its full aroma and the mouthfeel becomes softer. Your wine will taste more balanced and accessible.

The rule of thumb when aerating:

The younger and more extracted a wine is, the more it can be aerated. Conversely, the older and more mature the wine, the less oxygen it should receive. Even very old wines, we're talking 20 to 40 years old, are very delicate to prepare and can break down within minutes. With young wines, however, you don't have to worry.

What are the alternatives if you do not have a carafe?

It already helps a lot if the bottle of wine is opened about 30 minutes in advance before consumption. After pouring, the longer the wine is in the glass, the faster it will open. However, there is a catch to this, the longer a wine is in the glass, the sooner it will gain temperature and the wine can seem a bit clumsy.

A selection of young and matured natural wines you can find here:

If you like juicy, drinkable and lively wines with light alpine herb notes, you will love Andi Mann's Cuvée Weiß. A young, crisp natural wine that rises wonderfully with a little time in the glass.

A multi-complex orange wine from Matassa, reminiscent of a walk in the Mediterranean south of France, the Cuvée Marguerite 2021 intensely floral and flatteringly delicate. Be sure to carafe and have fun watching!

Things get more complex with Pranzegg's so-multi-layered floral Tonsur, an all-time favorite of ours. Brought into the glass like a flower meadow and with prolonged aeration, the aroma can develop wonderfully.

A bottle of pure feel good - The 60 year old vines conjure up a mouth filling creamy experience, with longer aeration the Kirchholz 2017 is certainly one of our most elegant red wines at Drops.

A depth like the Mariana Trench! The Leithaberg Red 2017 has a punchy extract and notes of essential oils, with a little time in the glass and in the decanter, a little fireworks in the mouth and nose arise here.