Domaine Partagé

Gilles Berlioz

Together with his wife Christine, Gilles Berlioz is one of the natural wine pioneers in the French Savoie, at the foot of Mont Blanc. The wines of Domaine Partagé are captivating and crystalline - true ambassadors of this enchanting pre-Alpine region.


"I adore the vines, I'm in the vines all day long"

– Gilles Berlioz

Wine Style

Les Christines 2019

winestyle-img Rich & Deep
Like a fruit basket of fresh fruit: From citrus to peach, apple, pear, to cherry, raspberry or plum.
Like the idea of a wet stone: sometimes cool, salty, slightly smoky and mostly a tight, grippy texture on the palate. Rather a mouthfeel than aromatics.
Smooth, Elegant
69,00 €
92,00 €/L

Gilles Berlioz presses crystal-clear natural wines from Roussanne, Mondeuse and Jacquère

The Domaine Partagé was founded in 1990 by Christine and Gilles Berlioz when they inherited a small family vineyard with Jacquère and Mondeuse vines. Initially they followed conventional cultivation methods, but soon recognised the advantages of organic cultivation and went one step further every year. Now Demeter certified, they now practise biodynamic viticulture. Gilles Berlioz has always been keen to capture people's imagination - not only through provocative labels, but also through the outstanding quality of his wines. Today, Domaine Partagé cultivates a total of 4.5 hectares of vineyards planted with the indigenous grape varieties Roussanne, Mondeuse and Jacquère on clayey limestone soils.

Gilles Berlioz believes in sensitive crystallisation

Gilles works meticulously in the vineyards, he loves working in the vines and idolises them. In the cellar, he believes in sensitive crystallisation and ferments mainly in glass fibre balloons, with ageing taking place in round, horizontal concrete eggs. Due to the round shape of the eggs, the wine is constantly in motion during fermentation, as if a battonage were being carried out. Too long, however, would make the wine too intense, he explains, and bottles the wines the following spring. However, the relatively short maturation makes the wines appear powerful and dense in a fascinating way. The natural wines from Domaine Partagé are a crystal-clear expression of the Savoy Pre-Alps region and are bursting with vibrant freshness and minerality.