ATTIS is the mission of two brothers in Rias Baixas on the north coast of Spain. Together with oenologist Jean Francois Herbrard, they pursue the vision of improving winemaking in Rias Baixas and the potential of its grape varieties and terroir.


"It is our environment, tradition and three generations of know-how that make up the essence of our wines: authentic, artisanal and Atlantic."

– Robustiano Farina

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The harsh climate of the Atlantic gives the wines their essence

Attis wants to produce wines that respond to their variety, parcel or ageing and bring out every nuance and aroma, which is what the climate and terroir gives them. Robustiano and Baldomero Farina cultivate about 5 hectares of their own vineyards at an altitude of 100 and 400 metres. The soils here are sandy with little clay content, which is rather rare in this area. The vines have an age of 25 years and are forced to root deeply - these are ideal conditions to produce extremely mineral and very fresh wines.