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Natural wine packages

Whether for stimulating conversations, uncomplicated evenings or your entry into the world of natural wines, with these packages nothing goes wrong.

Wine Style

Orange-Wein Package

A ride far from conventional tastes: from ultra juicy and floral to spicy complex!

Normal price 49,50 € Special Price 46,90 €

Laser & Cream Triple Package

Triple Laser and Triple Cream in an irresistible package.

Normal price 74,70 € Special Price 64,90 €
28,84 €/l

Terroir Total Package

Sie sind wahre Unikate und puristische Botschafter ihres Terroirs: entdecke die ausdrucksstarken Weine von Georgium, Tauss und Matassa.
Normal price 95,80 € Special Price 88,90 €
Sold out

Classic Evening

Allrounder wines and versatile food companions, which will create a festivity out of every meal.

Normal price 45,80 € Special Price 42,90 €

Orange-wein Package 2

Drei seidige Orange-weine mit tänzelnder Finesse und verführerischer Aromatik.
Normal price 69,80 € Special Price 65,90 €

Festive Red Triple

Spicy, elegant and warming: these reds turn every New Year's Eve dinner into a celebration!

Normal price 77,50 € Special Price 72,90 €
Sold out

Bubbles against troubles

Countering know-it-all parents with animating bubbles: really works.

Normal price 38,90 € Special Price 36,90 €
Sold out

Fresh & Juicy Package

Juicy and fresh thirst quenchers that simply always work.

Normal price 43,50 € Special Price 41,50 €
Sold out

Pizza Package!

Pizza Pairing? As simple as it sounds, the combo is unbeatable!

Normal price 41,50 € Special Price 38,90 €
Sold out

Get to know: Lichtenberger González!

White, rosé and red in the Muschelkalk trio - the big entry level wines by Lichtenberger González!

Normal price 43,30 € Special Price 40,90 €
Sold out

Let it flow, let it flow, let it flow

All-round carefree package for the perfect evening with wow moments, without nerd factor.
Normal price 43,30 € Special Price 39,90 €

Get to know: Karl Schnabel

Puristic and expressive, three absolutely unique wines from Styrian natural wine pioneer Karl Schnabel.

Normal price 132,70 € Special Price 120,00 €

Meinklang Summer Package

Animatingly juicy and crispy fresh thirst quenchers for hot days!

Normal price 47,30 € Special Price 44,90 €

Terroir Total!

They are truly unique and purist ambassadors of their terroir: discover the site wines of Tauss, Weninger and Frank Cornelissen.

Normal price 52,40 € Special Price 48,50 €
Sold out

I'm dreaming of wines with low acidity

Wines that go down like oil and still cut a perfect figure.
Normal price 52,30 € Special Price 48,50 €

Refreshingly juicy and uncomplicated everyday wines that always go.


Wines that simply everyone loves and make for a perfect dinner with friends.


Wines with depth and independent character that want your full attention.


When it should really escalate again. Or at least a little bit.


Perfect gifts with a serious fun factor that will make eyes light up and palates sing.


The perfect start into the evening. Animatingly fresh wines that make you want more.


Beguiling wines for romantic evenings with the great emotions.


What would brunch be without lively naturals? Enjoy light and fun natural wines with a twist.

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