Pet Nat & Bubbles

Petillant Naturel is an artisan sparkling wine made according to an old method - also called the Ancestral method. Compared to traditional sparkling wine production, the mash ferments directly in the bottle, creating the natural and refreshing carbonic acid. Pet Nat is therefore a spontaneously fermented sparkling wine. You'll also find traditional sparkling wines here


Optimum Acidum 2022

winestyle-img Fresh & Juicy
Like a fruit basket of fresh fruit: From citrus to peach, apple, pear, to cherry, raspberry or plum.
17,50 €
23,33 €/L

Oh When the Saints Pet Nat 2022

winestyle-img Fresh & Juicy
Like a fruit basket of fresh fruit: From citrus to peach, apple, pear, to cherry, raspberry or plum.
21,00 €
28,00 €/L

Pet Nat Weiß 2022

winestyle-img Fine & Layered
Like a fruit basket of fresh fruit: From citrus to peach, apple, pear, to cherry, raspberry or plum.
Like an embrace of strong, warmer aromas from pepper to coriander, cloves, vanilla to tobacco and leather.
19,50 €
26,00 €/L

Bubbles Non Vintage

winestyle-img Fresh & Juicy
Like a fruit basket of fresh fruit: From citrus to peach, apple, pear, to cherry, raspberry or plum.
Like the idea of a wet stone: sometimes cool, salty, slightly smoky and mostly a tight, grippy texture on the palate. Rather a mouthfeel than aromatics.
Elegant, Fine-meshed
20,90 €
27,87 €/L

What is Pet Nat actually?

Whether fashionable or not, there's no getting around it anymore - Pet Nat is now a term on everyone's lips and it's impossible to imagine the natural wine movement without it - but what exactly is Pet Nat? We are talking about Petillant Naturel, which in French means something like "naturally bubbly", an artisan sparkling wine made according to the old method - also called method Ancestral, because that's how sparkling wines were made before monks in Champagne perfected the second fermentation in the bottle.


The bubbly sensation - how does Pet Nat taste like?

With natural wine fans, Pet Nat is extremely well received due to the natural way it is made. The spontaneously fermented sparkling wines usually taste mostly earthy with yeast and brioche notes, but don't worry, fruit flavors are by no means missed out.

Pet Nat is often fruitier than Champagne and other sparkling wines and can contain notes of citrus, green apples and wildflowers. Due to natural fermentation and different grape varieties, the flavor profile of Pet Nat can vary from bottle to bottle. However, there are also some common characteristics that all Pet Nats share: They are lively, fresh and have a pleasant acidity. Pet Nats also bring plenty of juiciness that is extremely animating to drink, leading from one glass to the next.


How is Pet Nat made?

Pet Nat is produced according to a similar principle as Champagne, but there are some important differences. In the production of Pet Nat, the must is bottled before the end of fermentation, and the natural fermentation process continues in the bottle. This creates carbonic acid, which makes the wine sparkling. Unlike the Champagne method, no additional sugar or yeast is added to Pet Nat. This means that the carbonic acid and the aromas come exclusively from the grapes used in its production.

Which dishes to pair with Pet Nat?

In the world of wine pairings, Pet Nats are basically the cool kids who go with many dishes and are individual food companions. With its fresh, tangy character and subtle bubbles, it can harmonise with a variety of dishes and provide a refreshing taste experience. Here are some suggestions:

- Seafood: Oysters, mussels, prawns or grilled fish are perfectly complemented by the natural freshness and acidity of Pet Nats. The floral aromatic Pet Nats in particular are perfect for this.

- Vegetarian: Crisp salads and fresh vegetables get an invigorating twist with Pet Nat. Citrusy, herbal Pet Nats can enhance the flavours of green salads, tomato salads or asparagus dishes and make for an exciting combination.

- Finger food: As a perfect companion to finger food and as an aperitif wine, Pet Nat always cuts a fine figure. The informal and highly animated Spurdel is perfect for meetings with friends in the park or at a BBQ with light snacks, tapas or canapés.

- Cheese platters: Pet Nat can also go well with certain cheeses, especially younger, fresh cheeses or soft, creamy cheeses.

Tastes are different and varied, it is always exciting to try different combinations and find your own cool wine style. So, make your dish the star and let Pet Nat play the perfect co-star! Cheers!


Popular grape varieties for Pet Nat

Chenin Blanc: This grape is often used in the Loire region of France for the production of Pet Nat. It produces a fresh, mineral wine with aromas of citrus and green apples. Pinot Noir: This grape is often used to make Pet Nat in France, Germany and other European countries. Wine made from Pinot Noir grapes has an intense red color and aromas of cherries, berries and spices. Chardonnay: This grape is one of the most commonly used grape varieties for the production of Pet Nat. The wine made from Chardonnay grapes has a fine acidity and aromas of citrus and tropical fruits. Gamay: This grape is often used in the Beaujolais region of France for the production of Pet Nat. Wine made from Gamay grapes has a fruity character with aromas of red berries and spices. Glera: This grape is often used to make Prosecco, but can also be used for Pet Nat. Wine made from Glera grapes has a fresh, tangy acidity and aromas of green apples and citrus.

Our recommendation for the entry into the world of Pet Nats

Pet Nat mit Achtung by Loimer: a Muscateller / Veltliner Pet Nat, crisp and dry, invitingly aromatic – finest fizz with hints of elderflower and a gentle grip on the palate.

Pet Nat ANDRE*S 2022 by Andi Ziniel: Forest berry bubble fun with mouth-watering drinkability. It crackles on the palate, delicate pearls reminiscent of "Super" mineral water lead from one glass to the next. Hedonistic and effortlessly cool, just like good company!

Bubbles Pet Nat by Lichtenberger González: Finest fizz: a Blaufränkisch Pet Nat with delightful freshness and super fun factor, yet it maintains a serious presence on the palate due to its fine effervescence.

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