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Natural wines in Berlin: discover the best spots!

Snackable wine knowledge for savvy enjoyment.

They can taste wild, surprising and incredibly alive, can sometimes be cloudy and cannot be forced into any typical taste corset. So what is natural wine? They are handmade wines in their purest and most individual form.

Wine is made from grapes, isn't it? No, because wine is not always vegan. Here you can find out why wine is not vegan and what to look out for when buying it. At Drops you will only find vegan wines without artificial additives or animal additives.

Who else would you trust with your most intimate wine questions? Exactly! The one and only Franz Weninger! Luckily we have his number, so we call him from time to time to ask him about exciting and complex topics in the world of wine.

The use of sulphites (SO2) is now widely used in the food industry. Basically, there are no wines without sulphites, as these are produced naturally during the fermentation process. All information about wine without sulphites can be found here.