Gerhard and Brigitte Pittnauer have found their own style: fresh, delicate, funky wines that convey the feeling of freedom.


"No technique can replace one's own feeling and intuition based on experience."

– Gerhard Pittnauer

Wine Style

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Pittnauer conveys an attitude to life

Just by visiting their website, one is immersed in the "Pittnauer feeling": conceptually different. If you can find them at all via Google search - which actually seems intentional. 

The "Pittis" are somehow about rock'n'roll and about questioning and breaking conventions. And certainly also about aesthetics, without seeming contrived.


Fresh, funky, lively natural wines

Translated into the approach, this means above all working puristically: Biodynamic viticulture, without pure yeasts, additives, fining or heavy use of barriques. 

In doing so, Gerhard Pittnauer relies primarily on his own senses instead of laboratory analyses: eye, nose, tongue, palate and belly are the most important tools that are in harmony with nature-oriented viticulture.

The result is finely structured wines that are particularly lively and drinkable. In any case, the wines of the "Pittis" leave no one cold: they can be cheeky, touching, uncomplicated or complex. In any case, it never gets boring!

The Pittnauer winery is also one of the "Pannobile winegrowers" - a group of winegrowers who committed themselves against the uniformity of international wine taste and instead focused on quality and closeness to nature in keeping with their origins. Today, they include renowned natural wine producers such as Claus Preisinger, Heinrich and Judith Beck.