Arnaud Lambert

Wines with electrifying vitality, already known far beyond the walls of Saumur and delighting wine enthusiasts worldwide.


"When taste, quality and precision in the expression of your terroir become your only goal, you realise that passion has taken over. Your job becomes everything, the only thing that matters."

– Arnaud Lambert

Wine Style

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Sustainable agriculture based on the Burgundian model

His father Yves Lambert was already a wine legend on the Loire with the Domaine St. Just. The father and son In 2005, the team laid the foundation for their common vision of sustainable agriculture based on the Burgundian model, which focuses on the location character of the crus from the communities of St. Cyr and Brézé. With the management takeover of the legendary Château de Brézé in 2009, another 20 hectares of the most valuable, walled old sites (Clos) in France came into their hands .

The precision and vitality of the tuff floors

The plants, which grow on the calcareous tuff soil and are planted with the varieties Chenin Blanc and Cabernet Franc, have an incredible precision with an almost electrifying vitality. Because they are a clear expression of the soil, the tuffeau (tuff) made of porous limestone, but also of the winemaker.

At Arnaud Lambert stands for minimal intervention in the cellar

Considering the stately size of the winery, so much individuality and personality of each wine is incredible. Arnaud owns 60-year-old vines that stand on clayey limestone, which supports the characterful and acidic aroma.

Everything is read by hand, the grapes are completely destemmed and fermented spontaneously. It then becomes virtuoso when developing the various qualities.

Stainless steel, barrique, Fuder and/or the concrete egg accentuate Arnaud Lambert's fine-spirited wines with a clear profile and mineral depth.

Due to the low pH values of the wines, the topic of sulfur is written in lower case and minimal or no SO2 is added.