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Natural wine packages

Whether for stimulating conversations, uncomplicated evenings or your entry into the world of natural wines, with these packages nothing goes wrong.

Wine Style
Grape variety

Pizza Package!

Pizza Pairing? As simple as it sounds, the combo is unbeatable!

Normal price 325,00 kr Special Price 311,00 kr

Pet Nat Package

Ain't no troubles with those bubbles: our animatingly juicy Pet Nats for summer!

Normal price 401,00 kr Special Price 380,00 kr

Get to know: Tauss!

The Opok - Triplet from the Styrian natural wine pioneer Tauss in a 3-pack!

Normal price 403,00 kr Special Price 387,00 kr

Easy Everyday

Expressive everyday wines that are simply always the best decision.
Normal price 281,00 kr Special Price 266,00 kr

Get to know: Lichtenberger González!

White, rosé and red in the Muschelkalk trio by Lichtenberger González!

Normal price 332,00 kr Special Price 318,00 kr
Sold out

Funk you up!

Lively wines, whose extraordinary play of aromas elicit many a "Wow!".
Normal price 333,00 kr Special Price 319,00 kr

Get to know: Straka!

Welschriesling white + orange and a fresh red Blaufränkisch from Straka in a 3-pack!

Normal price 311,00 kr Special Price 296,00 kr

Let's Talk

Wines with authentic character, for stimulating conversations.

Normal price 372,00 kr Special Price 357,00 kr
Sold out

Bubbles + White + Red

What is a better way to get through the evening than with a triad of lively bubbles, a smooth white and a spicy red?

Normal price 307,00 kr Special Price 300,00 kr
Sold out

Terroir Total!

They are truly unique and purist ambassadors of their terroir: discover the site wines of Tauss, Weninger and Odinstal.

Normal price 584,00 kr Special Price 569,00 kr
Sold out

Foam party

A quaffable triplet of 3 pet nats from Schmitt and Straka.

Normal price 387,00 kr Special Price 380,00 kr
Sold out

Summer Vibes Package

Wines like Niagara Falls, the perfect refreshments for park hangouts, a trip to the lake or on the balcony!

Normal price 296,00 kr Special Price 289,00 kr

Refreshingly juicy and uncomplicated everyday wines that always go.


Wines that simply everyone loves and make for a perfect dinner with friends.


Wines with depth and independent character that want your full attention.


When it should really escalate again. Or at least a little bit.


Perfect gifts with a serious fun factor that will make eyes light up and palates sing.


The perfect start into the evening. Animatingly fresh wines that make you want more.


Beguiling wines for romantic evenings with the great emotions.


What would brunch be without lively naturals? Enjoy light and fun natural wines with a twist.

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