Domaine Disco

Domaine Disco sees itself as a winery in motion. Together with the most ambitious winemakers in Europe, Domaine Disco creates limited editions. Their first work: Laser & Cream - limited to 660 bottles.

Wine Style

Laser & Cream 2022

winestyle-img Fine & Layered
Like the idea of a wet stone: sometimes cool, salty, slightly smoky and mostly a tight, grippy texture on the palate. Rather a mouthfeel than aromatics.
Like a fruit basket of fresh fruit: From citrus to peach, apple, pear, to cherry, raspberry or plum.
Smooth, Elegant
190,00 kr
253,33 kr/L

Laser & Cream Triple Package

Normal price 569,00 kr Special Price 494,00 kr
219,56 kr/L

Domaine Disco, a winery in motion

Together with the most ambitious winemakers in Europe, we create limited editions that stand for the true flavour of nature, the law of attraction and, above all, fun. Domaine Disco stands for natural wines that are specially produced with a common vision that we share with the winegrowers. In addition, the winemakers are given the freedom to try something new alongside their existing portfolio, while at the same time the style and signature of each winery should always be recognisable. Domaine Disco stands for innovation, quality and the discovery of new flavours. We will soon be presenting more natural wines that reflect the diversity and creativity of our collaboration.