Domaine Majas

A coincidental meeting with Tom Lubbe from Matassa helped Domaine Majas, which mainly produced mass-produced wines, to find new life. A true story of success from the south of France.


"Tom said from the beginning: "If we do this, we will do this 100%. No to artificial yeasts, no manipulations and no excessive use of sulphur. It completely changed the wines."

– Alain Carrère

Wine Style
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Majas Blanc 2020

winestyle-img Fresh & Juicy
Like a fruit basket of fresh fruit: From citrus to peach, apple, pear, to cherry, raspberry or plum.
Like a fragrant flower meadow with notes like rose and jasmine blossoms and delicate meadow herbs.
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16,00 €/L

A success story that came about by chance

The history of Domaine Majas began with Gérard Gauby, as he was one of the first winemakers in the south of France to prove that great terroir wines could be made in an area that many believed was reserved for the production of mass-produced wine Supermarkets are suitable.

In a small village called Caudiès Fenouillèdes in the Pyrenees, the winemaker couple Alain and Agnès Carrère manage the Domaine Majas. Together with Tom Lubbe as a consultant from the not so far away Domaine Matassa, they converted the entire operation to organic viticulture.

Their winery is at an altitude of 400m and is also very well ventilated in summer, the reason for this is the north-east wind called Tramuntana. Their cuvées, some of which grow from 130-year-old vines on limestone and slate soils, have an immense freshness paired with a vibrant, salty minerality.