CHARDONNAY OPOK 2020 Naturwein von Tauss
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Natural wines with an individual play of aromas - from reductive to oxidative - that always maintain their elegance.

Chardonnay vom Opok 2020

0.75 L
Wine Style
winestyle-img Fresh & Juicy
Refreshingly quaffable drops, as vibrant as they are light.
winestyle-img Fine & Layered
Multilayered balanced wines, with gently punchy texture.
winestyle-img Rich & Deep
Extract rich and full-bodied wines, as intense as elegant.
Like a fruit basket of fresh fruit: From citrus to peach, apple, pear, to cherry, raspberry or plum.
Like a fragrant flower meadow with notes like rose and jasmine blossoms and delicate meadow herbs.
Like the idea of a wet stone: sometimes cool, salty, slightly smoky and mostly a tight, grippy texture on the palate. Rather a mouthfeel than aromatics.
From invigorating herbs, grasses, hay to chamomile and notes of essential oils.
Like an embrace of strong, warmer aromas from pepper to coriander, cloves, vanilla to tobacco and leather.
Like an energy bursting forest floor with aromas of mushrooms, moss, root vegetables but also dried aromas.
Complex, Fine-meshed
Yellow fruits
Citrus fruits
Ripe apple
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