Arianna Occhipinti creates wines with depth and a noble character, far from explosive flavours. Together with her uncle Giusto at COS, she is one of the region's saviours and visionary thinkers.


"Respect the wine as if it were a person. A person who carries with him a world, a story, an atmosphere"

– Arianna Occhipinti

Wine Style

SP68 Bianco 2022

winestyle-img Fine & Layered
Like a fragrant flower meadow with notes like rose and jasmine blossoms and delicate meadow herbs.
Like a fruit basket of fresh fruit: From citrus to peach, apple, pear, to cherry, raspberry or plum.
Elegant, Animating
243 kr
324 kr/L

SP68 Rosso 2022

winestyle-img Silky & Deep
Feinmaschig, Elegant
243 kr
324 kr/L

Arianna Occhipinti produces wines with a distinctive character that never impose themselves but always want to be rediscovered

After studying viticulture in Milan, she returned to Sicily and founded her own winery at the age of only 21. She now farms a total of 18 hectares biodynamically and owns vineyards in the municipalities of Fossa di Lupo, Bombolieri, Bastonaca and Pettineo. Arianna's vineyards are home to a wide variety of wild plants, oats and broad beans, which serve as a source of nutrients for the vines and also protect them from erosion.


The soils of lime, clay and red sand produce wines with an unmistakable character and a special extract that never impose themselves but always want to be rediscovered. Arianna skilfully dispenses with technical gimmicks and the arsenal of cellar economy additives. After 6 - 12 months of ageing in French and Slavonian oak barrels, her wines are then drawn into the bottle without filtration and as naturally as possible.