Eduardo Torres Acosta

Volcanic through and through: what Eduardo Torres Acosta puts on the bottle here is literally bursting with power and depth.


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Versante Nord 2017

winestyle-img Silky & Deep
Like the idea of a wet stone: sometimes cool, salty, slightly smoky and mostly a tight, grippy texture on the palate. Rather a mouthfeel than aromatics.
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Eduardo Torres Acosta produces wine under spectacular conditions


The vineyards on Etna were terraced with dry stone walls centuries ago to keep the lava ash in the vineyards - after all, the vineyards here stretch up to an altitude of 1300 metres.

Etna has extremely complex soil characteristics: because the volcano has built up in different layers, there are the most varied structures, which also interact with the different microclimates.

The numerous eruptions here have made the soil very soft and it consists largely of volcanic ash. This makes the soil extremely fertile and provides the vines with a good water reservoir during the sometimes very hot, dry summers.

The garage winery high up on the volcano

Eduardo Torres Acosta is originally from the Canary Islands and went to Sicily in 2012 to deepen his skills as a winemaker with Arianna Occhipinti. Another important station was Passopisciaro, a pioneer on Etna.

Since 2018, Eduardo Torres Acosta has owned his own garage winery and was able to acquire very good parcels in the north of Etna. Eduardo's plots are located at an altitude of 550 to 1070 metres and are planted with mixed sets that are around 50 years old, with Nerello Mascalese making up around 80%. The viticulture around Mount Etna is clearly one of the most impressive in the world.

Minimalism in the cellar

Eduardo ferments his wines in concrete tanks, followed by a 15-day maceration on the skins without temperature control.

After vinification, the wine is aged for another 16 months in Slovenian wine casks of 750 and 3000 litres and bottled unsulphured.

This natural approach to winemaking on this particular terroir is also felt on the palate: his wines have an incredibly clear precision and minerality that reflect his signature as a winemaker and the modern style of Sicily.